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Doing A Sexy Threesome Of A Lifetime For The Cam

For the longest of times, I’ve been stuck wanting something that I know wouldn’t be easy to get. I’m currently dating this really amazing guy. It’s really a wonder those kinds of guys exist in today’s day and age. He is the perfect gentleman, makes me laugh, he’s caring and he’s just the best guy you would ever have the luck to meet. You would think that after a few months I would go ahead and marry him, and I thought I would too, until I met his best friend.

Sometimes, you just want more

His best friend was sort of like him, but also exciting and exotic in his own way. He was laid back and relaxed, and he was hung like a horse. I swear to God he had such a big dick. I caught myself often having these fantasies of both of them reaming me. One from the front, one in the rear and I could cum just at the thought. I knew right from the beginning that there was a very slim chance of that happening, especially since my boyfriend was kind of old-fashioned when it came to sex. It was all strict missionary, lights off, the whole package. But I wanted more and it was only a matter of time before I would tell him.

The first step

It happened while we were casually rubbing one out in front of the PC. He saw this amateur facial porn video with two guys fucking this petite chick silly and then cumming all over her. Although he was turned on by it as much as I was, I knew that there was a big difference between watching it and actually doing it. It felt like a sign of some sort, and that it was no coincidence he would choose this exact video, so I felt like I had to tell him what was on my mind.

We were more alike than I thought

I could have never imagined the response I got. Not only was he secretly fantasizing about drilling me with his best friend, but he also wanted to do it on camera and posted on the Internet. I got so wet instantly that I almost fainted at the thought i could get really hard sex. It exceeded my expectations and blew my mind. His best friend was into it to, so we were quick to set up a time when we would do it and I basically counted down the time until the day came and I knew my life would be changed forever.

The most tantalizing feeling in the world

You can only catch a fraction of a glimpse of what threesome sex is like when you are watching a porn video. When you actually do it, it’s hundreds of times better. I still feel both of their cocks inside of me, plunging and pumping relentlessly. My legs are still shaking whatever I think back to that night or watch our video. The time it took for us to make the video and posted online was basically nothing. It was uploaded within the next 10 minutes and we were already starting to get comments about how hot our little session was. The next step we take is going to be getting another couple involved. I can’t wait!


Reasons Women Watch Porn

             Reasons Women Watch Porn

 Curiosity. A girlfriend of mine calls this the “freak show factor.” Personally, I think there is something about pornography that is a bit like a freak show. I mean, people look kind of weird naked and doing it. We’ve come a long way, baby, but there is a degree to which watching porn is still a taboo for women, and that can be its own turn-on.

 To Get Off. Women and men may be from different planets, but they are both prone to the occasional masturbation session, and it is for that express purpose porn was designed. Generally, I believe women are more likely to choose mental fantasies over visual aids, but there are many women who are as visual as men and men who are as fantasy-oriented as women.

 Learn New Moves. We can’t all be Stormy Daniels, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have sex like porn stars if we aspire to do so. Whether we’re bored with the current state of our sex lives, looking to bust out a new move on a special occasion, or have yet to perfect the fine art of fellatio, porn can, uh, come in, er, handy as an, um, “educational tool.”

 Kill Time. Why does one of my female coworkers watch porn? “To kill time before you can start a DVR’d, hour-long episode of a TV show without having to watch any commercials.” She is nothing if not efficient.

 Comparison Shopping. People are always yapping about how competitive men are. I have yet to meet a man who is as quietly competitive as a woman. Because a fair amount of us can’t quite make up our minds whether or not to love the body Mother Nature gave us, sometimes we watch porn to compare ourselves to other women. When the competition is surgically enhanced, that challenge can get a little tricky. But women also watch porn to compare their sexual partners to other men. Do they measure up? Depends.

 Explore Secret Fantasies. If a woman isn’t comfortable sharing her sexual fantasies, she may turn to porn to experience them vicariously. It could be something as simple as spanking, yet she may feel awkward telling her square-as-a-peg husband that she wants to play naughty. Porn never judges.

 Penises. Newsflash: Penises are weird. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. We don’t have them. We will never totally understand them. Porn is a penis show.