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I Got to Watch my Porn Crush, and I Loved Every Single Minute of it

Before I start let’s get something out of the way: I’m a recluse, I don’t go out that much. Since the company I work for allows me to handle tasks from home as long as I have an internet connection I started to appreciate the peace of my place. My girlfriend comes over two or three times a week, and we spend a good time here. As every normal couple we go out for a meal, a movie or a show and then each one of us goes back to their lives. I’m far from the stereotype of the guy that stays at home marinating in sweat without taking a shower for two or three days. I come across as normal even if I’m reserved for my family and friends. The simple truth is that I’m just a quiet guy and I love it but sometimes I would like to try a threesome with my girlfriend and another girl.

With that being said I must confess something: my urges sometimes get the best of me. While I’m not hurting in the company department and sex is great with my girl she leans towards more conservatives approaches when it comes to intimacy. That’s ok though, I still love her very much, but I would like for her to loosen up and do some of the kinky stuff I’m into. Now don’t take that the wrong way! I’m not into bondage or that kind of thing (yet), but I do like when I girl gets down and dirty on me, and she behaves wild with little restraint. After a long day of getting stuff done in my place I like to kick back and have a drink, and if I feel in the mood, I look for xxx video online to get some relief for my urges.

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The brunette bombshell Ava Addams

The brunette bombshell was born on 16th September 1981 in Gibraltar, UK. She has Spanish, Italian, French and English roots and she speaks English and French perfectly. Ava grew up in Houston, Texas and worked as a model, as a film actor and even did some commercials before she got into porn movies industry. She went to college for a nurse degree but her she didn’t stick to the plan no more. She admits that she always been a promiscuous girl and had a thing for women so her porn career is pretty understandable.

Ava Addams xxx confessed that she lost her virginity previous she turned 16 and it was an awkward experience. She accumulated a lot of sexual experience prior to her porn career and she said in interviews that she got involved into a threesome, a gang bang and she has been with lots of girls and had sex in public places. Her official adult career started up when she moved to Miami when she did some commercial stuff for Playboy. At the age of 23 she did some pictorials for Playboy and her big tits have been seen by the whole world. The experience she had at Playboy’s opened her eyes to the opportunity of working as a porn star.

She started to work with Arcade Studios in 2008 when she did her first solo shoot then she tried a girl on girl porn. She wanted more but her new boyfriend didn’t want to let her do boy on girl porn. He couldn’t tame the beast Ava was and she started fucking porn stars for money in the summer of 2010. She did her first scene called Titty Sweat with the famous porn actor James Dean for Reality Kings. Soon after that Ava gave birth to a child so that helped her career even more. She became a certified MILF and we all know that the MILF porn is the most watched on the internet. Following the pregnancy she got some breast implants and enhanced her already big tits.

In her porn career Ava Addams performed in all types of porn movies like girl on girl, solo, boy on girl, anal, POV, bondage even gang bangs. There’s practically nothing that can stop this brunette’s sexual appetite. At the moment she starred in more than 250 porn scenes and films and was nominated for over 20 porn awards of which she won a few.
She’s worked with lots of porn companies such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, Pure Mature, Evil Angel and Jules Jordan.

As a porn star she admits that she loves to give blowjobs in mythical proportions and to swallow cum until she gags. She has a fetish for anal sex and adores having young hard cocks inside her anus.
The brunette cougar has a couple of tattoos on her body and some piercings. She has a medium ass, 32 D cups, measures 5.3 feet and weights 108 lbs.

Let’s talk about Asa Akira

Asa Akira is an American pornographic actress, adult film director and author, who was born on 3 January 1986 in Manhattan, New York.

Enough information about her life, let’s start talking about the most interesting part of her life, which is her career in pornography. To begin, I’d like to start with a few words that this naughty girl said, which sounds like: If I had never done porn, I would’ve looked backed and regretted it forever.

Anyway besides this naughty part of herself, Asa is also a very funny girl. That reminds me of an interview of her when she was asked what kind of music she likes to listen when she’s being fucked and her answer was hilarious. She said that she doesn’t really fuck to music a lot but there was one time when a guy fucked her like prison-style while Adele played in the background and she said ironically speaking that it was super romantic.

Asa Akira is also called “Anal Queen”, and if this make you curious about her, you can check out her work, you won’t regret.

She is the kind of girl that you want to see, on a Friday night when you are alone. Asa Akira glory hole are one of the best videos you will see on the internet.

I think that at least once in our lives we looked at someone’s face and said to ourselves something like “His or her face looks like begging to be fucked”. Well, Asa’s face it’s the perfect example for what I just said. You look into her eyes and the next minute, your imagination starts working and thinking about all the scenes you’ve ever seen with Asa Akira fucked hard, making you wanna be part of it.

We all know or now that I’m gonna tell you, you’ll know, that, Asa is a big fan of anal sex. Knowing that, aren’t you curious what’s that craziest thing that she has ever had in her ass hole? I bet you are. Well her ass hole saw closely a chinese harmony ball. I can tell that she must’ve been very peaceful at that moment, she probably found the perfect balance.

There are lots of fun facts about Asa and I only told you a few, but let’s continue with her hilarious experiences.

We always see the final video and that’s beautiful, but, have you ever wondered what’s happening on set or aren’t you curious to see some funny stuff behind the scenes? Well I find out about the funniest thing that ever happened to Asa on set. And it’s funny from Asa’s point of view and I think from ours too.

To sum up, I would like to ask you all what do you think Asa answered when she was asked to name one musician she wants to fuck? We all probably thought that she would choose a guy, but surprise! Her answer was Taylor Swift, because as she said, she wants to make her fall in love with her and make a song about her. Crazy, funny girl!

These are all the interesting things that I wanted to share with you, about Asa’s porn life. I hope that this article managed to satisfy your need of information.