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 This is Why Men Love Lesbian Porn (And Keep Quiet About It)

Let’s talk for a minute here about guilty pleasures for guys. I know that this list could be endless since a lot of men indulge on stuff in secret that would have more than one of their peers either mocking them or quietly supporting them. It applies to everything, from drinks to taste in films. Today we are discussing porn, more specifically lesbian porn. A lot of people out there think that somehow lesbian porn is made to cater to women who enjoy watching adult films. This is a half-truth since most lesbian porn is made with guys in mind. I mean you just have to watch the setting on most of these clips, and you will notice that this made for them.

Most of the girls participating in lesbian porn are stunning women, this not an indicator of anything per se, but they have the type of idealized body that most men want to see all the time. These girls are also very lady-like on their mannerisms, I still haven’t seen a video porn featuring a butch lesbian, although I’m sure there is something on this theme out there. Rule 34 is unforgiving after all and butch girls doing porn should not be weird at all. Getting on topic, when it comes to lesbian porn, we always two or more beautiful girls doing stuff we dream about all the time, they rub their bodies together, they lick each other from head to toe, they use toys to penetrate each other. The list goes on and on.

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