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Finding My Perfect Kind Of Porn

I am one of those girls men don’t believe exist. I watch  hardcore porn, that’s the simplest way of putting it. Unfortunately, the majority of the porn I have had a chance to see out there so far is catered towards men. Not to say that I don’t find it exciting and enjoyable at times, but sometimes I just feel like there is something missing. I tried for a really long time to figure out what it was and soon the pieces started coming together.

It wasn’t easy to find

I couldn’t immerse myself. Being able to see everything from a third person perspective meant that I was always aware that I am not a part of the action, but rather a spectator. For someone who wants to be fully immersed into their sexual endeavors, I just couldn’t feel as if though I was a part of it all. Naturally, I figured that maybe there was a niche out there, a way for porn to be catered more towards women. But even that wasn’t enough.

I thought I would give it a chance

Just about as I was going to give up and accept the fact that I won’t be able to find the kind of thing I’m into, one of my friends sent me a link to a porn website. By that time I must’ve browse through at least a hundred of different porn sites and I wasn’t particularly excited to look through yet another one. What made me go and take a look was the fact that the girl who sent me the link is already a regular visitor. As soon as I went to that website, I was introduced to a completely new category I was not aware of before. It was called female pov porn, and basically took shots of porn from a female perspective.

It was hot, real and extremely immersive

This allowed me to feel just like I was right there in the screen, getting pounded by all of those guys! It was just the kind of homemade porn I was looking for! Another thing that instantly appealed to me was the fact that it wasn’t fake. It was realistic and enjoyable and it was the only place where I could find porn without all of those fake moaning dubs. As happy as I was to discover a new source of pleasure and recreation for myself, there was still one more thing to take care of.

My ultimate fantasy came true

I always had a fantasy in which someone would get to watch me as I have sex. Preferably, it would’ve been all in the same room. But the fact that you can whip up a quick profile just with an email address and a password made me think of a very good idea. I can always fill myself sleeping with a guy or even a threesome and post it online! None of my friends would recognize me and I would still get to have what I wanted from my fantasy! It was only a matter of time before I started uploading on a weekly basis and I am proud to say that I even have followers and users who are anxiously waiting for my latest video!