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This is How I Became a Fan of Cuckoldry (When it Happens to Someone Else)

Let me tell you about this great porn clip I saw the other day. After getting a quick glimpse at the thumbnail I thought it was some sort of Indian sex thing, but when I finally clicked on it, the thing I got to see was pretty wild. It turns out that there is a subgenre of porn called cuckoldry. In those scenes, one guy has her partner fucked by another man while he watches. I got one of those, but this one was pretty well acted. It was something unusual, when you see you average American porn, the guy who is getting cucked is just sitting like an asshole in a corner seeing how his woman is getting banged.

On this scene, there was a whole different play. There is this guy who has a hell of a best friend and an incredibly hot wife. I mean, I know these are actors, but they got into their roles pretty well for being porn. The action begins after you get introduced to the characters. The guy you believe to be the main character in this scene goes away to work and leaves his hot wife alone in the house. His so-called best friend comes over with an excuse to look for something he left at their home the last time he visited. The wife trusts this guy, so she lets him in. In the blink of an eye, the friend of his husband is jumping at her, feeling her body with his bare hands.

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