The hottest sex fantasies of women

People thinking that women don’t have hot sex fantasies are so wrong. Often, women are even naughtier than men in their fantasies. They have no limits and hold-backs and use everything even if it’s traditional or not. A man would be surprised to know how many women fulfill their fantasies. Most of them spend a lot of money on things and accessories that help them fulfill their deepest and hottest dreams.
But let’s ask this straight, what are the hottest fantasies of women?

1. To dominate her-independent women prefer strong men who have no fear to manifest their manhood and virility. This type of woman desires to pull her hair, lay her on the bed then spread her legs and penetrate her like a savage. She lusts to feel a strong man’s hands in her hair, on her tits and hips. Her fantasy is generated by the fact that she wants to feel that she totally belongs to the man she loves.

2. Sex with a stranger-the biggest majority of women doesn’t have the guts to do it but still, most of them desire it. The feeling that you don’t know what comes next and the unpredictability of the men in bed will get any women wetter than a lake. The fact that the girl doesn’t have to see him further makes her get wild with him in bed. Anyway, a girl has to be careful when she wants a one night stand with a stranger because she can catch some STDS very easy.

3. A little rape-one of the most popular fantasy of women is to simulate a rape with their lover. She wants to experience behind the close doors the sensation of being a victim and getting fucked hard and with no limits. The couples involved in this type of fantasy usually have a safety word that use in case of emergency.

4. Threesome with her man and another woman-this fantasy isn’t so hard to become true. If her man is up to this (and I don’t think there are men out there who won’t try two women) it will all be all right. Being your fantasy it’s quite clear that it all has to be about you. You will enjoy two types of sex and your pussy will be delighted with a woman’s touch. It all has to be consensual so none of you will get jealous.

5. Threesome with two men-this fantasy can be a delight for a woman because she gets attention from two men. Depending on how slutty a woman can be, she can try double penetration even tough anal sex while you already have a dick inside your pussy can be a pain in the ass, literally.

6. The teacher or the naughty student-women love so much to put on some naughty student clothes and walk around so the men could see womensporn-2-photothem. For a healthy couple, some play with her being the naughty student and her man being the teacher who spanks her naughty ass could be a real pleasure. If the lady likes is a little addicted to control, she can put on some professor clothes and treat the man like a bad boy.


As you saw women have a lot of fantasies those that I have enumerated in this post, and be sure that are much more. If you want to see some hardcore scenes of porn we recommend you to visit, there you have xxx videos from various categories like: Threesome, BDSM, Fetish, Anal, Amatorial and much more played in streaming in HQ and HD

As you can see, only the sky is the limit so it’s better to fulfill your fantasies then living with them unrealized.

Reasons Women Watch Porn

             Reasons Women Watch Porn

 Curiosity. A girlfriend of mine calls this the “freak show factor.” Personally, I think there is something about pornography that is a bit like a freak show. I mean, people look kind of weird naked and doing it. We’ve come a long way, baby, but there is a degree to which watching porn is still a taboo for women, and that can be its own turn-on.

 To Get Off. Women and men may be from different planets, but they are both prone to the occasional masturbation session, and it is for that express purpose porn was designed. Generally, I believe women are more likely to choose mental fantasies over visual aids, but there are many women who are as visual as men and men who are as fantasy-oriented as women.

 Learn New Moves. We can’t all be Stormy Daniels, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have sex like porn stars if we aspire to do so. Whether we’re bored with the current state of our sex lives, looking to bust out a new move on a special occasion, or have yet to perfect the fine art of fellatio, porn can, uh, come in, er, handy as an, um, “educational tool.”

 Kill Time. Why does one of my female coworkers watch porn? “To kill time before you can start a DVR’d, hour-long episode of a TV show without having to watch any commercials.” She is nothing if not efficient.

 Comparison Shopping. People are always yapping about how competitive men are. I have yet to meet a man who is as quietly competitive as a woman. Because a fair amount of us can’t quite make up our minds whether or not to love the body Mother Nature gave us, sometimes we watch porn to compare ourselves to other women. When the competition is surgically enhanced, that challenge can get a little tricky. But women also watch porn to compare their sexual partners to other men. Do they measure up? Depends.

 Explore Secret Fantasies. If a woman isn’t comfortable sharing her sexual fantasies, she may turn to porn to experience them vicariously. It could be something as simple as spanking, yet she may feel awkward telling her square-as-a-peg husband that she wants to play naughty. Porn never judges.

 Penises. Newsflash: Penises are weird. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. We don’t have them. We will never totally understand them. Porn is a penis show.

Porn movies from the point of view of women

Have you ever question yourself what womens thinks about video porn or porn movies? .Do they like watch porn like men’s on DVD or free tube sites like youporn ,youjizz and others? They become excited wen are waching porn movies? The womens have erotic fantasyes like men? Let’s hear it from a very popular porn star hwo dedicates his time on the set to create porn movies not only for men but for woman also ,his name is  Anna Span, 35 years, from  London.

porn movie scene

“In my teens, I was very anti-porn. I thought women were being exploited. But when I went to college to study fine art, something clicked. Men were able to use their sexuality. Why not help women take advantage of theirs?

Now I’ve shot over 200 explicit scenes, and my films are among the most popular with UK women. I use the camera to film from the woman’s point of view. It’s quite unusual for the porn industry. Women like porn to be realistic, so I make sure there’s a strong storyline in my films.

I get my stars to wear clothes from high-street shops like H&M, rather than the typical stacked heels and skimpy undies. And I feature women of all sizes, not just your tiny size-10s.

I like to use good-looking men in my xxx film, but unfortunately, there aren’t that many in the porn industry. I cast guys by asking them to take part in one of my films as an extra, before they get to grips with anyone else.

Penis size plays a massive part in selection. And it’s not just because a big willy looks better.If it’s too small, it’ll just pop out during sex scenes.

When I first started the job, I did find it a turn-on. Sometimes I’d be having sex and it would pop into my head that the position I was in would make a great camera angle.

Some men I dated felt bashful between the sheets, too. How could they impress a woman who’s seen it all? Now I’ve managed to separate my job from my sex life. I’d love more women to get into the industry. It’s powerful and fun, too. ”

movie porn scene 2

So guys don’t be shy to talk about porn movies and erotic fantasy with your girlfriends because they like wach porn movies too..and they become excited too waching lesbian ,group sex or menage a trois 🙂