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I Got to Watch my Porn Crush, and I Loved Every Single Minute of it

Before I start let’s get something out of the way: I’m a recluse, I don’t go out that much. Since the company I work for allows me to handle tasks from home as long as I have an internet connection I started to appreciate the peace of my place. My girlfriend comes over two or three times a week, and we spend a good time here. As every normal couple we go out for a meal, a movie or a show and then each one of us goes back to their lives. I’m far from the stereotype of the guy that stays at home marinating in sweat without taking a shower for two or three days. I come across as normal even if I’m reserved for my family and friends. The simple truth is that I’m just a quiet guy and I love it but sometimes I would like to try a threesome with my girlfriend and another girl.

With that being said I must confess something: my urges sometimes get the best of me. While I’m not hurting in the company department and sex is great with my girl she leans towards more conservatives approaches when it comes to intimacy. That’s ok though, I still love her very much, but I would like for her to loosen up and do some of the kinky stuff I’m into. Now don’t take that the wrong way! I’m not into bondage or that kind of thing (yet), but I do like when I girl gets down and dirty on me, and she behaves wild with little restraint. After a long day of getting stuff done in my place I like to kick back and have a drink, and if I feel in the mood, I look for xxx video online to get some relief for my urges.

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