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The Most Amazing Thing That Ever Happened To Porn

Sometimes, porn can get boring due to how predictable everything is. Just from the title of the video, you can pretty much guess how the next twenty minutes are going to go by. At first, I didn’t mind. I was there just to blow my load and enjoy the action while it lasted. But, when you already know what’s going to happen, you tend to enjoy the porn less than you normally would even if its hardcore porn. For a long time, I was trying to find the right kind of porn to enjoy, the one that I couldn’t predict or that would come with a twist no one saw coming.

Porn started to get stale

Then I realized that porn’s job is to make people turned on and help them reach their climax by watching their wildest fantasies come true. But it took too long for me. Especially when porn tried to have a backstory, pretending to be a meaningful movie with a plot and developed characters. Who could sit through something like that? And why? I never liked it and I always liked my porn to be short, to the point without excessive talking. Would you believe that there’s no such thing? I’ve been through hundreds of websites and all of the porn videos began to look alike. That was until I shifted my perspective and finally discovered something called a fucking compilation.


Then I found a completely new concept

It was perfect! It was just what I was looking for, and even more! It cut out all of that obnoxious talking and awkward intros between people we all know are just waiting to fuck like rabid animals. Finally, I could enjoy the sight of the best bits we all come there for. There were no delays and no excuses and I could watch them for hours. The websites I found had many compilations, but there was one website that took it a step further. Not only could you browse compilations by categories, but you could also browse them by your favorite actors. That way, if you had your personal favorite actresses or actors with long compilations of their best action threesome scenes or any other scenes. I enjoyed these for quite a while, and new ones just kept coming. Props to the people who took the time to cut out the best bits and put them together just so I won’t have to sit through idle chit chat and the bullshit that makes up the porn video’s intro.

It is brilliant

The website I was visiting was amazing. You could find literally thousands of compilations, even if you were a fan of a particular kind of sex. It was just amazing, the clips were something like the videos you could find on the once famous There are dozens of websites that are entirely made up of compilations users could browse. There are materials there to give you years of happy endings all for the humble price of free. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste any more time on the mainstream porn platforms and I’d head right over to check this out!