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The hottest sex fantasies of women

People thinking that women don’t have hot sex fantasies are so wrong. Often, women are even naughtier than men in their fantasies. They have no limits and hold-backs and use everything even if it’s traditional or not. A man would be surprised to know how many women fulfill their fantasies. Most of them spend a lot of money on things and accessories that help them fulfill their deepest and hottest dreams.
But let’s ask this straight, what are the hottest fantasies of women?

1. To dominate her-independent women prefer strong men who have no fear to manifest their manhood and virility. This type of woman desires to pull her hair, lay her on the bed then spread her legs and penetrate her like a savage. She lusts to feel a strong man’s hands in her hair, on her tits and hips. Her fantasy is generated by the fact that she wants to feel that she totally belongs to the man she loves.

2. Sex with a stranger-the biggest majority of women doesn’t have the guts to do it but still, most of them desire it. The feeling that you don’t know what comes next and the unpredictability of the men in bed will get any women wetter than a lake. The fact that the girl doesn’t have to see him further makes her get wild with him in bed. Anyway, a girl has to be careful when she wants a one night stand with a stranger because she can catch some STDS very easy.

3. A little rape-one of the most popular fantasy of women is to simulate a rape with their lover. She wants to experience behind the close doors the sensation of being a victim and getting fucked hard and with no limits. The couples involved in this type of fantasy usually have a safety word that use in case of emergency.

4. Threesome with her man and another woman-this fantasy isn’t so hard to become true. If her man is up to this (and I don’t think there are men out there who won’t try two women) it will all be all right. Being your fantasy it’s quite clear that it all has to be about you. You will enjoy two types of sex and your pussy will be delighted with a woman’s touch. It all has to be consensual so none of you will get jealous.

5. Threesome with two men-this fantasy can be a delight for a woman because she gets attention from two men. Depending on how slutty a woman can be, she can try double penetration even tough anal sex while you already have a dick inside your pussy can be a pain in the ass, literally.

6. The teacher or the naughty student-women love so much to put on some naughty student clothes and walk around so the men could see womensporn-2-photothem. For a healthy couple, some play with her being the naughty student and her man being the teacher who spanks her naughty ass could be a real pleasure. If the lady likes is a little addicted to control, she can put on some professor clothes and treat the man like a bad boy.


As you saw women have a lot of fantasies those that I have enumerated in this post, and be sure that are much more. If you want to see some hardcore scenes of porn we recommend you to visit, there you have xxx videos from various categories like: Threesome, BDSM, Fetish, Anal, Amatorial and much more played in streaming in HQ and HD

As you can see, only the sky is the limit so it’s better to fulfill your fantasies then living with them unrealized.