The Story About How I Discovered Persia Monir

You know one of the genres I love most in porn? MILFs. They drive me crazy like nothing else. I can spend the whole damn day looking at porn, but the minute I find a good looking MILF, I get stuck on that one. I even rub one out before going on with my day. Persia Monir is one of those stars that will make take a second look at her stuff since I love to see them do what they do best. Persia is a woman that looks straight out of an Indian porn film. Her facial features look foreign, but she is a fully-fledged American MILF that found the peak of her sexuality in her 50’s. Go figure.

Persia is all over the place, she has her own website, but she has done a lot of clips. If you are looking for something for a quick handjob you will surely find it. She’s very friendly when it comes to engaging her fans. From the things I got on the internet, she probably has fucked a few. She has also stated that she loves to fuck young guys until they are drained, something she can withstand with ease since she’s been an active athlete since her 20’s. Her body certainly has the curves to show it! Most of her scenes are done to please her fans. This woman clearly loves her fetishes.

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The Appeal of JAVs on This Side of the World

Do you know that Japan is the only place on earth that doesn’t give two fucks about American porn? This is one tough pill to swallow but is the cold, hard truth in every regard. The Japanese porn industry cranks out the same number of films and clips as the American industry, and the country is the primary consumer of their own product. The presence of animated hentai also boosts most sales.

A Self Sufficient Market

Animated cartoons for adults are something that is sorely lacking on this side of the world and seems to have a broad appeal on the rest of the planet. The thing that makes Japanese Adult Videos (JAVs) so appealing is the very nature that was abandoned by the American industry. These films have a plot, even a menial one, but it’s something that helps them sell their products to a targeted audience.

The number of studios creating content such as video xxx and gravure models can’t be accounted for in the land of the rising sun. But all of them know what the public likes. Some of them focus on covering specific fetishes since secret kinks are a massive source of revenue in Japan. Others like to focus their stars on the things they do best. You can have beauties like Anri Okita, Julia Boin, and Shibuya Kaho swallowing cocks doing deepthroat porn.

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This is How I Became a Fan of Cuckoldry (When it Happens to Someone Else)

Let me tell you about this great porn clip I saw the other day. After getting a quick glimpse at the thumbnail I thought it was some sort of Indian sex thing, but when I finally clicked on it, the thing I got to see was pretty wild. It turns out that there is a subgenre of porn called cuckoldry. In those scenes, one guy has her partner fucked by another man while he watches. I got one of those, but this one was pretty well acted. It was something unusual, when you see you average American porn, the guy who is getting cucked is just sitting like an asshole in a corner seeing how his woman is getting banged.

On this scene, there was a whole different play. There is this guy who has a hell of a best friend and an incredibly hot wife. I mean, I know these are actors, but they got into their roles pretty well for being porn. The action begins after you get introduced to the characters. The guy you believe to be the main character in this scene goes away to work and leaves his hot wife alone in the house. His so-called best friend comes over with an excuse to look for something he left at their home the last time he visited. The wife trusts this guy, so she lets him in. In the blink of an eye, the friend of his husband is jumping at her, feeling her body with his bare hands.

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Indy Amateurs Love Making Home Videos to Post them Online

Indian sex videos are a blast to watch. There is not much professionalism on them since most of the clips are from couples trying out amateur porn as a way to fulfill a fantasy, but they let you in on what real sex is like. Even so, there is a lot of daring stuff that can be found on these clips that can give you some great wanking material to get off to it.

A lot of the folks making these videos are just looking to make their sex life better by spicing things up. Amateur porn couples are all about making homemade porn and share the joy they get out of it. Most of the times things start in a bed or a couch with a half-naked woman playing with her pussy in front of a guy, you can see her sliding her hand under her underwear, to play with her clit as she gets totally wet. If the guy is assertive, we will totally jump in and go tongue- deep on her snatch.

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 This is Why Men Love Lesbian Porn (And Keep Quiet About It)

Let’s talk for a minute here about guilty pleasures for guys. I know that this list could be endless since a lot of men indulge on stuff in secret that would have more than one of their peers either mocking them or quietly supporting them. It applies to everything, from drinks to taste in films. Today we are discussing porn, more specifically lesbian porn. A lot of people out there think that somehow lesbian porn is made to cater to women who enjoy watching adult films. This is a half-truth since most lesbian porn is made with guys in mind. I mean you just have to watch the setting on most of these clips, and you will notice that this made for them.

Most of the girls participating in lesbian porn are stunning women, this not an indicator of anything per se, but they have the type of idealized body that most men want to see all the time. These girls are also very lady-like on their mannerisms, I still haven’t seen a video porn featuring a butch lesbian, although I’m sure there is something on this theme out there. Rule 34 is unforgiving after all and butch girls doing porn should not be weird at all. Getting on topic, when it comes to lesbian porn, we always two or more beautiful girls doing stuff we dream about all the time, they rub their bodies together, they lick each other from head to toe, they use toys to penetrate each other. The list goes on and on.

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The Reasons Why I Enjoy Porn and Real Life Hook Ups as Well

I’m not exactly the type of guy who shares stories about hookups, but I do like to chat around about the porn I see. Any guy will tell you that there is nothing like the real thing. I think that both worlds are entirely different. My usual hookups are the average girls I find on my part of town, while porn allows me to indulge my kinks by watching the type of women I fantasize about as I see them fucking around. It’s a unique thrill, and one thing has nothing to with the other (at least on my mind.)

Coming to Realize my Kinks

One of the things I’m always looking for in the porn videos I watch are women with big tits. I’ve had a couple of girls like that at some point, and nothing beats a mouthful of massive tits shoved to your face. In porn, there are tits of every size, both natural and fake. I love real tits better, and I can’t get enough on them, especially if the girl in the video is an all-natural beauty. A real pair of tits is not attached to a skinny girl; plump girls are the ones who have the strength to support these natural racks that I love to bits.

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This is why I Love Indian Amateur Porn

Let me begin my story by telling you the thing that drives me the most. As a western, I got a kink for exotic women. When it comes to porn, I rather enjoy the efforts done by an unknown in amateur porn instead of the staged scenes that many pornstars do. I really can’t put the finger on a solid reason that explains why I’m wired that way. It’s an acquired taste that it got latched on me for a good portion of my youth and I kept that kink well into my adulthood. Since I have an internet connection and porn is a thing on it, I have been hunting down the best clips of amateur Indian amateur porn I could find, and I have quite the collection to this day.

As I told you at the beginning, it’s very hard to explain why I love Indian porn. A friend asked me not so long ago about it, and I couldn’t offer a reason. After thinking about for a while, I decided to share my insight with the world instead of calling my friend and offer an awkward explanation about something he asked a couple of years ago. The first thing I notice about most of these amateur porn clips is how natural the women look. A lot of them are really beautiful, but nothing gets my gears going faster than a woman who has let nature do their thing when it comes to her beauty. I hate fake boobs, and very few of these amateur stars have them if none at all.

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